on use of DIGITTERRAТМ website and services


This document (hereinafter referred to as the “Offer”) is an official, public offer of DIGITTERRA company to enter into an agreement under the following conditions. The contract is between you (the user of the website) and us – DIGITTERRA company.

The terms of the offer govern the use of the materials of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “website”), as well as the use of the products and services offered on the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”, except for the services rendered as part of separate written agreement).

The DIGITTERRA company shall mean the Individual Entrepreneur Kuzmin Eduard Valeryevich (taxpayer identification number: 3339015057). If you didn’t conclude any other written agreement or contract, then your contract with DIGITTERRA shall always include at least the terms and conditions set forth in this document (hereafter referred to as the “General Terms and Conditions”). Please read the offer carefully.

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions set out in this offer, your contract with DIGITTERRA shall also include the Special Terms of Service, published directly on the page describing the product (service) or in the legal notices sent to you (hereinafter referred to as the “Special Terms”).

The General Terms and Conditions set out in the offer and the Special Terms (collectively hereinafter referred to as the “CONDITIONS”) shall form a legally binding contract on the provision of the Services and the use of the website.


By using the website and purchasing the services offered by DIGITTERRA on the website, you accept the offer and enter into a legally binding contract with us on the provision of services and use of the website.

Acceptance of the Offer Terms is possible in the following ways:

(A) by committing an act testifying the acceptance of the Conditions (by pressing a button, ticking a checkbox or similar action) on the service order page of the website; or

(B) actual Services and materials of the website. In such case, you agree that we will consider the use of the Services as acceptance of the Conditions (acceptance of the offer).

By using the website of the project or services offered on the website, you accept all the specified Conditions. If you do not agree with these General Terms and Conditions or Special Terms published on the product page, please, leave the website and stop using the Services.


The subject matter of the contract shall be the use of the website, as well as the Services we offer on the website and other pages of the DIGITTERRA project.

Terms of use of services and materials of the website

The user may be any person who accepts the Conditions and uses the website and the Services. In order to receive paid services, you must have full legal capacity and be a person who has reached the age of 18 years.

Special terms and conditions

Special conditions are given in the relevant sections of the website, on the pages of the order of services (“information products”) or in legal notices sent to you. Special conditions shall be the part of your contract on provision of services and use of the website concluded with us.


Services and free-of-charge materials

If you use the services or materials available in the public sections of the website and distributed free of charge, you will only receive basic information on topics of interest. In the case of purchase of the paid services, you receive extended information, as well as access to paid content and paid services.

Price and cost of services

The cost of the services you purchase is published on the product order page on the website, and may also be indicated in the legal notices sent to you - a message sent to the email address or messenger indicated at the moment of registration and placement of order on the website.


By using the website or the Services, you accept all the provisions of this Offer, without limitation, as well as our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the contents of the specified documents, leave the website and stop using the services.

If you register on the website or place an order for the services offered on the website, or use our services, you agree that we may send you the written notices, promotional newsletters, information messages and other materials by phone number and email as specified upon registration. In some cases, if necessary, you may refuse to receive them.

You must comply with all the Terms and Conditions introduced for your review when placing an order or when using the services offered on the website. You agree that you will not participate in activities that interfere with the functioning of the website, the Services, or related servers and networks.

You assume full responsibility for any breach of your obligations stipulated in the Conditions, as well as for all the consequences of such violations.


The procedure of formation and conclusion of the corresponding deal (contracts) depends on the product you selected and payment method, as well as on whether you place an order for the Services for the first time or you already have a user account on the website. Registration on the website, subscription to the postal mailing, registration of the order and payment of the Services on the website (entry of your payment details) is impossible without obtaining your prior consent with the Conditions of this Offer and our Privacy Policy (without mark “I have read and accept the Conditions of provision of services and Privacy Policy "in the corresponding checkbox of the form of data collection.

Moment of contract conclusion

By visiting the website and using the free materials and services placed in the public sections of the website, you conclude with us a License Agreement for the use of the content under the terms of the offer.

By signing up for a free webinar or by making a free subscription to the postal mailing, you conclude a Service Agreement with us. In this case, the Agreement includes the General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms for the use of the Services.

In the case of the purchase of paid services, you enter into a Service Agreement with us when clicking on the button “Participate” or “Buy” (or other similar box). In this case, the Agreement includes the General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms for the use of the Services.

In case of payment of an order without the use of electronic payment reception systems, the Agreement with you is considered to be concluded at the moment of payment of the invoice (or electronic invoice) issued by us.

Correction of input errors

By registering on our website or ordering the services, you may at any time interrupt the process of purchase registration and correct the input errors until the completion of the registration process or placement of order - payment for services, tickets or subscriptions. You may also always contact us and report about any input errors you have made and inaccuracies in your personal data.

7.Terms of provision of the services

One-time services

Any one-time services / prepaid service packages purchased on the website can be offered for a certain period (have a fixed period of service provision). In such a case, upon the expiration of the specified period, the provision of services will be terminated automatically at the moment of expiration of the specified period of service provision; actions on your part aimed at discontinuing the services are not required.

Termless access to the contents

Some service packages provide the user with access to certain paid materials for an indefinite period. In this case, you receive access to the contents without a time limit.


Writing off

In case of purchase of the paid services on the website, a one-time writing off of the value of the ordered services occurs at the moment of placement of an order (successful entry of payment details into the the payment system frame).

Failure to fulfill payment obligations

We reserve the right to make a claim concerning violation of the established terms of payment for services. In case of impossibility to write off the money from your payment card, we have the right not to commence the provision of the Services or to suspend their provision until the moment of their payment.


You may review the available methods of payment for our services on the website. In case of making payment by the bank transfer, you are obliged to inform us about made payment and send a picture of documents confirming payment of services to the e-mail address specified on the website. You understand that making payment by bank transfer, you acknowledge your acceptance of the Conditions of service provision.

In case of payment of the Special commissions by us or the occurrence of other expenses due to the rejection of payment through your fault (for example, insufficient funds on the card, the permissible credit limit on the card is already exhausted), we reserve the right to additionally write off the amount of expenses actually incurred by us from your card / account.

We reserve the right, at any time, at our discretion, to change the method of payment for the product purchased and / or to refuse from the previously offered payment method by offering alternative methods of payment.


Policy of refusal of services

After placement of order and its payment, in each individual case, you receive the right to refuse the Services and request repayment of the funds. You have the right to refuse paid services by notifying us hereof in proper time.

The possibility of repayment of funds, as well as the amount of deductions related to repayment depend on the date when we receive the request for repayment,

After placement of order and its payment, in each individual case, you receive the right to refuse the Services and request repayment of the funds. You have the right to refuse paid services by notifying us hereof in proper time.

The possibility of repayment of funds, as well as the amount of deductions related to repayment depend on the date when we receive the request for repayment,

Policy of refusal of online training

You have the right to refuse online training within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of payment of training. In case of early booking of services or payment for training by installments, the date of the placement of order (the date of payment of services) shall be the date of your first installment.

In order to receive a repayment, contact us and submit a request for repayment in the prescribed manner.

Registration of repayment

In order to refuse the services and register the repayment, email us at or contact our support team by telephone number specified on the website. We will confirm receipt of the request for repayment by email to the address indicated at the moment of order placement.

In order to register the repayment, be sure to inform us: the name and email specified at the moment of order registration; name of the Service (course, service package); date of the order; payment information; reasons for refusal of services, as well as other necessary information.

You understand that if you do not provide the necessary information, we have the right to refuse to repay funds and disregard your application.

Consequences of refusal of services

If you have made a request for repayment within the specified time limits, we will repay your funds within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the request.

To repay the funds, we will use the same payment method that you have used to pay for services. We will deduct rom repaid amount all additional commissions of the banks and payment system associated with a repayment.

If you did not use the services (did not attend the event, did not review the lessons available to you) through no our fault or refused to use the services in violation of the deadlines and the established procedure, we do not reimburse you for the cost of such services.

Special conditions of refusal and additional guarantees of repayment

We reserve the right to establish other rules for refusal of individual Services (training programs, products, live events, webinars, intensive courses, etc.) or provide you with additional guarantees of unconditional repayment by publishing special Terms of refusal of the service on the product order page.

Expiration of term for refusal

If the Services were rendered to the full extent before the expiration of the term for refusal (for example: you already have access to all lessons and materials) and / or before receipt of the request for repayment, no funds will be repaid.

In case of receipt of a request for repayment (refusal of service) in violation of the established terms for refusal, no funds will be repaid.


Depending on the services you have acquired, you receive the access to certain contents (informational and educational materials), copyright and related rights that are protected or in any case owned by us, regardless of the fact of registration and the territory of their operation.

We grant you a non-exclusive non-transferable right (limited license) for the use of contents for personal purposes under the terms of this contract for the entire duration of the provision of services, unless otherwise provided by the Special Terms.

Use of intellectual property

All materials placed at and other project websites, as well as materials provided to you in the provision of paid services (contents) are the subject of copyright, exclusive rights to which are owned by DIGITTERRA.

The right to use contents and materials comprising the website or received in the provision of Services shall be limited to the use of contents for personal non-commercial purposes and is not allowed in other cases.

Copying, modification, full or partial use, public reproduction and distribution of materials placed on the website or provided to the user in the course of provision of paid services, as well as the use of contents for commercial purposes, without the written consent of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

The mark for goods and services, its image, as well as the trade name "DIGITTERRA" are registered and owned by us. All rights reserved.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or exchange, and not to resell the Services for any purposes, unless you are entitled thereto by the copyright holder in a separate written agreement, and you agree not to use other intellectual property without our written consent.

Any violation of copyright and related rights is prosecuted by laws of the country of provision of services and international law, and results in civil, administrative and criminal responsibility.


Legal provisions

The provisions of the current consumer protection legislation concerning the claims for improper quality of services shall apply to emerging relationships, regardless of the General Terms and Conditions and Special Terms. The scope of consumer rights granted to you by law, in any case, can not be reduced.

Guarantee clause

We do not make any guarantee that the use of DIGITTERRA services will provide you with financial and any other results. The data provided in the course of your use of paid and free materials of the website, are only advisory in nature.

By purchasing paid services or using free contents, you agree that you use the contents solely at your own discretion and bear unilateral responsibility.

DIGITTERRA bears no responsibility for any possible loss of profits, reputational or other risks that may arise when using the website materials.

The results of different users may vary considerably when using the same services. The case studies and success stories provided on the website are presented as a demonstration of the results of certain people and are not a promise or guarantee that you will achieve the same results, even if you copy the strategies and actions taken by such people in order to achieve certain financial and other results. By using the materials, you waive any lawsuits and other forms of claims against us concerning the results you received while using the contents and services.

You understand that your disagreement with the opinion of our coaches or speakers, the methodology and contents of the training programs, is not a reason for the repayment of funds.


General provisions

In case of violation of obligations by the parties, provision of false information at the moment of conclusion or in the course of execution of the deal, the parties shall bear responsibility in the prescribed manner.

We are responsible for:

- violation of the Conditions and procedure of provision of the Services;
- violation of the terms of service provision;
- provision of Services of improper quality.

We are not responsible for:

- impossibility of rendering services for reasons beyond our control, including force majeure, failure of communication lines, failure of equipment and software that are not owned by us;
- full or partial interruptions in the provision of services due to the replacement of equipment, software or other works caused by the need to maintain the working capacity and development of technical facilities (subject to prior notification of the user);
- breach of the security of equipment and software used by you to receive services;
- loss of confidential information or part thereof through no our fault;
- any losses of third parties caused through no our fault.

You are responsible for:

- accuracy and correctness of the registration and payment data specified by you during the registration on the website or placement of order;
- third parties’ use of credentials applied to access the Services;
- use of materials placed on the website or provided in the course of provision of the Services for their subsequent resale, distribution or transfer to third parties;
- violation of the Conditions of use of services;
- violation of payment terms;
- interference with the operation of the website and available services or attempts to access them in circumvention of our instructions.

Limitation of liability

Our aggregate liability for any lawsuit or claim is limited to the amount of the acquired service of improper quality or rendered in violation of the terms. In case of our breach of the terms of service provision, our liability is limited solely to:

- extension of service provision terms, or
- provision of services within new terms until the complete fulfillment of our obligations.

Responsibility of our employees and agents

In cases when our liability is limited or excluded, the same limitation of liability or exclusion shall apply to our employees or agents.


Limitation of liability for content placement

You shall be responsible for the content and materials you place on our website or in chats while using DIGITTERRA services. We are not responsible for the content you place and we do not track it.

Compliance with the requirements of the legislation

By placing your own content you are required to comply with the laws of the country of residence. In any case, the publication of content of pornographic, sexual nature, encouraging violence, sadism, and discrimination containing threats or slander is prohibited.

In addition, your content should not violate the rights of third parties. This shall apply to the property and personal non-property rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights (for example, copyright and right to trademark or trade name). In particular, you are also required not to violate the rights of third parties when posting comments / feedback, photo of profile or any images you publish.

We have the right to remove or transfer at any time any content posted by you if we believe that it violates the rights of third parties or the requirements of law. If you violate mentioned principles of content placement, we have the right to send you a written warning and temporarily block your account and suspend the provision of services or terminate the contract unilaterally.

Reimbursement of damage

If you violate the requirements of the Conditions, you are obliged to reimburse us for any losses incurred in connection with the satisfaction of the claims of third parties (whose rights are violated by you). We reserve the right to present claims against you for losses and other demands by way of recourse.


The conditions shall be valid until they are changed or revoked by DIGITTERRA. Termination (revocation) of these Conditions shall not affect any legal rights, obligations and responsibilities which are binding on you and DIGITTERRA, and arose prior to the termination of the Conditions.


The Contract on the use of the website (materials of the website) is considered to be concluded for an indefinite period of time and shall remain in force until terminated by you or us.

The contract on provision of services concluded in connection with the use of free services, purchase of a prepaid package of services or the reservation of participation in live event shall be valid until the parties completely fulfill their obligations.


You have the right to stop using the website and services at any time without giving any reason.

To stop using the paid services, please let us know by contacting the Customer Support service by any phone specified at the website.

Please note that after your refusal of the services (termination of the contract), you will lose access to all acquired content and available services. If at the moment of termination of the contract (agreement) you still have access to the purchased service package, any amount you paid for the services of DIGITTERRA will not be repaid, including the amount of the cost of actually unused services.

We reserve the right to terminate the contract with you without giving any reason, provided that we send you a written notice not later than two (2) weeks prior the scheduled date of termination. In any case, the contract can not be terminated prior to the end of the term of service provision.

We may at any time terminate the contract entered into with you, if:

(A) you have breached any provision of the Conditions (or committed actions that clearly indicate your unwillingness or inability to comply with the Conditions); or

(B) we have to do so according to the requirements of the law (for example, if provisions of the services to you is illegal or ceases to be legal), or

(B) DIGITTERRA terminates the provision of the Services in the country where you live or use the services, or

(D) provision of services becomes unprofitable at the discretion of DIGITTERRA. If you attempt to interfere with the operation of the website, servers, or other DIGITTERRA automated systems or grossly violate the Conditions, or if we suspect you of this, we may suspend or completely block your access to the website and services.

Unilateral repudiation of contract for valid reasons

Each party shall have the right to repudiate the contract unilaterally for valid reasons. In particular, we have the right to cancel your account and terminate the contract immediately if you repeatedly violate the Conditions, as well as in case of arrears in payment of services.


Please note that by using the website or services, by filling in the registration forms on the website, you agree to our Privacy Policy and give consent to the collection and processing of your personal data under the specified conditions. If you do not agree with them, stop using the website.

We process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy; you can always find an up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy on the website. These terms and conditions regulate the collection, processing, use and protection of your personal data.


We reserve the right to modify or supplement the text of this offer (General Conditions of Service Provision) by placing corresponding notice and a new version of the Offer herein. It is highly recommended that you frequently check this page and the date of last changes specified at the top of the page.

In case of change in the Special Terms, we will post a new version of the Special Terms directly on the page with the description of the product.

If you do not object to the validity of new Conditions, and continue to use the Services, the new version of the Conditions shall be deemed accepted by you.

You understand and agree that the use of the Services after changes in the General Terms and Conditions or Special Terms is considered by us as your acceptance of these Conditions. If you object to the new version of the Conditions, we definitely reserve the right to unilaterally repudiate the contract in the prescribed manner.


This offer and the Special Terms constitute the contract on the provision of services and use of the website between you and DIGITTERRA, regulate the procedure of provision of the Services (except for services rendered on the basis of a separate written agreement, if any) and completely replace all previous agreements and arrangements between you and DIGITTERRA.

Validity of provisions

In case of any discrepancies between the Special Term and the General Conditions and Terms, the provisions of the Special Terms pertaining to the relevant Service shall prevail.

If any judicial body authorized to deal with this matter recognizes the invalidity of any provision of these Conditions, then the corresponding provision shall be excluded from the contract without any affect on validity of remaining provisions. The remaining provisions of the contract shall continue to be valid, and their compliance can be enforced in court.

Applicable law

The relations of the parties shall be regulated by the provisions of Ukrainian legislation, as well as by the Convention on International Sale and Purchase Agreements. In terms of consumer protection legislation, the legislation of the country of user’s residence is applicable.

20. Special terms for organizations

If you are a legal entity (in order to avoid misunderstanding, the term “you” in relation to legal entities in these Conditions means an organization), then the private person who accepts the conditions on behalf of your organization declares and guarantees that it is authorized to act on your behalf and has sufficient powers to accept the Conditions on your behalf.


Individual Entrepreneur Kuzmin Eduard Valeryevich
1 Teshebaeva Str., Kyiv city, 03190
(taxpayer identification number: 3339015057

Tel./Fax in Ukraine: +38 096 5090879



Conditions of data collection and storage

By using the website or by acquiring the services offered at, as well as answering the necessary questions in the form upon registration and / or registration of the purchase, the user confirms that he/she gives consent to DIGITTERRA (hereinafter referred to as “Data Operator” or “Operator”) and its authorized persons to process personal data, as well as he/she is an adult.

The user agrees to processing of received information, including collection, storage, use, systematization, accumulation, storage, refinement (updating, modifying), depersonalization, blocking, destruction of the personal data provided in the course of use of automation tools, formation of the database of website/service users, compilation of statistical reporting, as well as to receipt of information on the ongoing researches and other proposals from DIGITTERRA and its authorized persons.

The User hereby gives his/her consent to and allows processing his/her personal data, including: Name; Surname; Patronymic; Gender; Contact phone; E-mail; Scope of activity.

The User confirms that he/she agrees to receive promotional SMS and e-mails until revocation of such consent. The User acknowledges that DIGITTERRA and authorized persons have the right to interact with the User by direct contact through various means of communication, including, but not limited to postal mailing, e-mail, Internet, etc.

The User shall have the right to revoke his/her consent at any time by sending a written irrevocable notice using the contact details posted on the website.

The User agrees that the personal data provided by him/her will be deleted upon his/her written request within sixty (60) days from the date of receipt of the request for their destruction.

The user agrees to processing of his/her personal data for a period of 2 years, starting from the date of transfer of his/her data to the company. If upon the expiration of the above-mentioned time the consent to the processing of personal data is not revoked, the consent will be prolonged for the same term. The number of prolongations is not limited.

The Operator reserves the right to use the information sent by abovementioned methods without special agreement with the Users and without making payment to the user.

DIGITTERRA reserves the right to periodically update or amend the abovementioned provisions unilaterally.

Categories of Collected Data

Categories of the personal data collected by the website (on its own or through third-party mediation) include: IP address, cookie files, and data on the use of network resources. Other collected Personal Data may be described in other sections of this policy or in a special explanatory text in terms of data collection.

Personal data may be provided by the User on his/her own or their collection can be automatically implemented by the website when it is used.

Unless otherwise indicated, the website uses cookie files (or other tracking tools) to identify Users and records of their global configuration settings solely for the purpose of provision of service.

Users shall be responsible for third parties' Personal data they receive, publish, or provide to others through the website and confirm that they have the consent of a third party to provide data to the Operator.

Method and place of Data processing
Method of processing

Data processing shall be carried out by means of computers and / or IT-supported means in accordance with organizational procedures and methods strictly related to the stated purposes.

In some cases, the Data may be available (in addition to Operator) to certain categories of responsible persons involved in support of operation of the website (administration, sales department, marketing department, legal department, system administrators) or outside organizations (such as third-party technical service providers, postal organizations, hosting service providers, IT companies, communication services), which are charged by Operator, if necessary, to perform the functions of the data processors. An updated list of mentioned persons can be requested at any time from the Data Operator.


Data shall be processed at the operational offices of the Data Operator and at any other places where the parties involved in processing are located (Data Operators). For more information, please contact the Data Operator.

Use of Collected Data

The Data related to the User shall be collected in order to enable the Operator to provide services, as well as for the following purposes: Analytics, Registration and Authentication.

The personal data used for each purpose are described in the relevant sections of this document.

Detailed information on Personal Data processing

The services described in this section enable the Operator to monitor and analyze the web traffic and can be used to record the User’s actions.

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is a web-analytics service offered by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google uses the collected Data in order to record and analyze User’s actions to prepare the reports on the operations the website performs and their subsequent transmission to other Google services.

Google may use the collected Data in order to generate advertisements of its own advertising network, taking into account the interests and preferences of a particular user.

Collected Personal Data: Data on the Use of Network Resources and Cookie files.

Place of processing: USA - Personal Information Privacy Policy - Refusal to Participate

Cookie files, web beacons and other technologies

The website collects information about your visits of our websites in order to obtain visit statistics and the effectiveness of their use, form a personal approach and adapt to the interests of each user. We do this by means of various technologies, one of which is cookie files. This is the data which a website can send to your browser and they will be stored on your computer for subsequent identification by website.

Most often, the cookie files are used to evaluate the effectiveness of websites (for example, to measure the number of visitors and the length of their stay at the website), identify the most interesting and visited topics and pages, as well as to ensure the convenience of navigation and use of the website, without collection of any personal information. In addition, cookie files can be used to form a personalized approach based on the existing experience of user interaction with the website and his/her preferences. Over time, this information can improve user experience.

Cookie files are usually divided into session and persistent. Session cookies help to effectively navigate through the website in such a way that once requested information is no longer requested again. Session cookies are stored in temporary memory and erased when the browser is closed.

Persistent cookies save the user’s settings for current and future visits. They are stored on the computer's hard disk or on a mobile device's drive and activated when the browser starts up. We use persistent cookies to store information, for example, about the language and country of the user.

Additional information on collection and procession of the Data
Application to the court

The User's personal data may be used for legal purposes by the Data Operator in a court or at stages leading to possible court access in connection with the inappropriate use of the website or services.

The User is aware that the Data Operator may be forced to disclose user’s prsonal data on request of public authorities.

Additional information about the User's personal data

In addition to the information contained in this policy, by request the website may provide the User with additional and contextual information relating to specific services or collection and processing of Personal Data.

System logs and maintenance

In order to ensure the operation of the website and its maintenance, the website and any third-party services may keep files in which the interaction of the website with the users (system logs) is registered, or use other Personal data (in particular, the IP address) for this purpose.

Information not included in these rules

Additional information regarding the collection or processing of Personal Data can be requested from the Data Operator at any time. See the contact details at the end of this document.

User’s rights

Users shall have the right at any time to find out if their Personal data has been stored and may contact the Data Operator to find out their content and origin, verify their authenticity, or request to supplement them, annul, update, correct or convert to anonymous format, or block any data stored in violation of the law, as well as to oppose their processing on all legitimate grounds without exception. Corresponding requests shall be sent to the Data Operator at the address indicated in the contact details at

Web sites currently do not recognize automated browser commands concerning the tracking mechanisms, such as "no tracking" instructions, so you can customize processing of cookie files by the browser and other technologies in line with your preferences in the area of confidentiality. In most cases, you may turn on cookie notification in your browser so that you may decide whether to accept these conditions or not. You can also disable cookies in the browser settings at all.

Some browsers enable to turn on “no tracking” function that sends signals to websites you visit, indicating that you do not want tracking of your activities on the website. This feature is different from blocking or disabling cookie files, since the browser with activated “no tracking” feature is still able to accept cookies. Currently, there is no industry standard that regulates companies' response to “no tracking” signals, but in the future such a standard can be developed. At the moment, we do not respond to the “no tracking” signal. If we begin to do this in the future, we will describe it in this Privacy Policy. More information about the “no tracking” feature is available at

Protection of personal data

DIGITTERRA takes all commercially reasonable measures in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal data and use of personal data obtained during the registration or in other manner mentioned above when using this website. We strive to protect your personal data, but we can not guarantee the security of the information you submit to us, and therefore we encourage you to take all available precautions for protection of your personal data on the Internet. For this purpose, often change passwords, use combinations of letters and numbers, and use a safe browser.

Provision of information security for children

The website is not aimed at attracting the attention of children under the age of 13 years. DIGITTERRA deliberately does not collect personal information for children under the age of 13 years and does not send them any requests for personal information.

Changes to these personal data privacy rules

The Data Operator stipulates the right to make changes to this personal data privacy policy at any time by posting a notice on this page for Users. It is highly recommended that you frequently check this page and the date of recent changes specified at the bottom of the page.

In case of disagreement with any changes in the Rules, the User shall cease to use the website and services and may require deletion of his/her personal data by the Data Operator. Unless otherwise specified, the effective personal data privacy rules shall apply to all User’s Personal Data possessed by the Data Operator.

Information on these personal data privacy rules

The Data operator shall be responsible for the implementation of these personal data privacy rules.

Legal information

This Privacy Policy meets the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation on the protection of personal data, requirements of the legislation of most CIS countries and contains information on the requirements to the processing and protection of personal data implemented by the Operator.

Note for European Users: This Privacy Policy has been prepared in accordance with the obligations stipulated by GDPR.

Note for Users of the Russian Federation: This Privacy Policy meets the requirements of Federal Law No. 152-FZ dated July 27, 2006 “On Personal Data”.

Data operator

Individual Entrepreneur Kuzmin Eduard Valeryevich
1 Teshebaeva Str., Kyiv city, 03190
(taxpayer identification number: 3339015057

Tel./Fax in Ukraine: +38 096 5090879