I We set up

digital marketing departments for companies

How we work

  • Setting

    professional and effective digital marketing team for your business or startup including digital-marketing strategy as well as processes optimization

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  • Mentoring

    Individual consulting services for business owners with creation of digital marketing strategy by Ed Kuzmin

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You need us if you:

Need to increase sales volume

You have exhausted all of your leads and do not know how to expand further simply because your marketing specialist is not a genius in all areas of customer capture or you simply do not have a marketing specialist at all

Enter a new market

The sales volumes of your product are already high in a particular area, but you do not fully understand how to begin its adjustment to a new market. We know how to achieve this and we want to help you with that

Launch a new product

You’ve put together a team and developed a product, but, for whatever reason, the site or the landing page did not provide the desired outcome when the initial advertising campaigns were launched. We will also help if you have not even started dealing with packaging and USP yet

Build a Marketing Department

You have already hired a marketing specialist. He is a good guy and knows how to launch advertising campaigns and loves telling you all about LTV, CPL, etc. but for a breakthrough you need a team of several specialists who would be able to analyze your business and the USP and develop a digital marketing strategy

We are not going
to deal with you

  • You know everything yourself and are not ready to let us do our job

  • Your monthly marketing budget is less than USD 5,000

  • Your product or business model is illegal/semi-legal

Our approach to business

  • 1.

    We are firm believers in a
    comprehensive performance-based approach

    For us, figures are everything.
    We primarily focus on growth of turnover, profit, and ROI.
    In addition, we implement real-time integrated measurement
    and optimization of the corresponding metrics across all Internet marketing channels

    For example: we will determine in advance the maximum that
    we will be willing to pay for every click and every attracted customer
    in each channel and stick to it

  • 2.

    We don’t trust — we test

    We always stick to the following
    algorithm: hypothesis — testing — analysis — conclusions — optimization.
    Therefore, our tests will enable us to identify the channels and promotion
    tools that will be most suitable for your particular case

    For example: we will launch search advertising
    on Google for $500 — obtain the rate of over 37
    cents per click — allocate the budget funds to another channel.

  • 3.

    We are OFFLINE

    We help businesses go online.
    We do not work with offline advertising tools:
    billboards, marketing handouts, exhibitions, etc.
    We are all about Digital!

    Note: but if your brand is not yet presented in the digital world,
    we will help you with that

  • 4.

    Nothing is impossible

    We are a team of professional
    Internet marketing specialists, which means that we are able to deal efficiently with designers,
    copywriters, and programmers as well as videomakers.

    Let’s put it this way - if we need to attract third parties,
    we will find them ourselves, develop technical
    specifications for them, plan sprints,
    implement control measures,
    and assume responsibility for the final result

  • 5.

    We report on everything we do

    Reporting is an integral part of our cooperation and
    the relevant figures represent the results of our efforts.

    For instance: We will assume on obligation to send you
    two weekly reports: the first one containing figures and
    the second one — information
    regarding the completed tasks.